Two of the patient groups with the highest risk for pressure sore development are:
—patients whose sensation is impaired and can’t feel ischemic pain
—patients who are unable to reposition themselves independently while sitting

For these and other high risk patients, the Carital Previa wheelchair cushion offers high tech pressure relief, seating stability and posture positioning.

Carital Previa’s patented Carital Air-Float System® technology employs six tunnel shaped cells to adapt exactly to the body contours of individual patients. As a result, Carital Previa divides the weight of the upper body evenly throughout the cushion and provides a maximum contact surface area for the distinct posture of each user.

With five adjustment units – front, left, right, middle and back – that can be adjusted separately with a Precision Manometer, Carital Previa minimizes the pressure exerted to the posterior and compensates for the posture position of each individual. The cells in the front, back and on both sides provide excellent stability while seated. If posture changes over time, Carital Previa can be readjusted according to new requirements


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