For severely ill patients who are susceptible to pressure sores and somatic pain, the Carital Optima specialty support system offers a high technology solution that has been tested extensively and clinically proven through ten years of practical experience.

Carital Optima enables patients who require continuous pressure relief to get the sleep they need and avoid pain exhaustion through its unique reactive Carital Air-Float System® technology.

Carital Optima has a patented double cell structure. The upper cells are tunnel shaped and adapt exactly to different body contours, providing large contact areas with the user’s body. The inner cells are interconnected and form three adjustable zones – head, middle and foot.

The three separate cell systems react to the respective body part weight, profile and position by distributing the load over the whole surface. Carital Optima provides excellent pressure relief in all patient positions.

Carital Optima’s computerized controller is easy to use and offers intelligent functions that enable you to adjust reactive cell systems to each patient’s specifications. The controller is small and light and may be hanged conveniently on the bed frame or positioned on a nearby table


Support Surfaces: CC 2000 Series T4 Series Multi-Density Mattress Carital Previa