Neuropedic’s new Hi-Lo 1000 Rehabilitation Bed and Hi-Lo 500 Rehabilitation Bed are rated up to 1000 pounds and 500 pounds, respectively. Both beds offer Neuropedic’s revolutionary two-piece, split-frame construction that makes delivery, set-up and mobility surprisingly simple.

The Hi-Lo Rehabilitation Bed is available in full-size or queen-size with the standard Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positions that can accommodate up to 800 pounds. The Hi-Lo 500 Rehabilitation Bed is available in full-size or twin.

All models are constructed of heavy duty steel to provide the strength and durability and come with Neuropedic’s patented Multi-Density Mattress.

Standard Hi-Lo Features Include:

Two-piece, split frame construction for easy delivery and set-up
The patented Neuropedic Mattress with fluid-proof cover
6-way function
Half side rails
Low position is 19.5" High position is 30.5"
Trendelenberg and Reverse Trendelenberg
Hospital grade plugs
Decorative headboard and footboard

Compatible with environmental control systems
Additional half rails
Full frame trapeze with 800 lbs. capacity
Fixed Height Rehabilitation Beds
Bariatric Memory Care Pressure Redistribution Support Surface

Hi-Lo 500 Rehabilitation Bed
Full 53 x 80
Hi-Lo Rehabilitation Bed
Full 53 x 80
Queen 60 x 80
Hi-Lo Rehabilitation Bed
with Trendelenberg Positons

(800 Pound lifting capacity)

Full 53 x 80
Queen 60 x 80

Cat. No.





  Weight Limitation
Hi-Lo Rehabilitation Bed: 1000 lbs.
Hi-Lo 500 Rehabilitation Bed: 500 lbs.
Electric Beds: Neuropedic Electric Adjustable Bed