Introducing a breakthrough in the design of pressure redistribution support surfaces. The new Neuropedic CC 2000 Series offers a level of protection that was previously unattainable to patients who are at high-risk for pressure-related skin problems.

Composed of two layers of unique Ultracell foam that are laminated to a solid foam core, the CC 2000 Series provides unparalleled support and comfort. The solid foam core provides the level of spinal support that all patients require, especially those who spend long periods of time in bed.

Standard with the CC 2000 Series is Neuropedic’s Integrated Heel Section of specially designed foam that reduces the likelihood of pressure sores on especially vulnerable heels.

Anti-bacterial, fluid-proof cover
The standard cover is a two-way stretch fabric for maximum pressure redistribution and comfort. The covering material is anti-bacterial, anti-static and anti-stain. Side-seam construction eliminates the possibility of fluid leakage.

Flammability features
The CC 2000 Series offers flame retardant capabilities that pass Federal Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1632, 1633, California Technical Bulletin 117,California Technical Bulletin 129, Boston Fire Department BFD IX-II and ASTM 1590, as dictated by the Life Safety Code.

Solid safety border, Egress safety border — The CC 2000 Series may be equipped with an optional solid safety border or an egress safety border to help contain patients while it positions them optimally for comfort and support.

No Zipper, inverted lock stitch construction
All hospital sizes
Custom sizes
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